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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 8.0
Presto! PageManager Pro is a document management and sharing program which supports horizontal and vertical text and features up to 58 languages.

The program has a full support for PDF format.
It can be useful to split or merge PDF for editing the files. The PDF writer acts as a virtual printer along with other PDF compression options like lossless, lossy and mixed which have different functions. The PDF file format can be converted to Rich text format or RTF, which helps in easy collection of document data from the PDF file. The PDF Save mode has various options like image, which helps to save the image in a PDF file with no text involved. The Text and image as its name suggests helps to save with text and images. The text under images creates two different layers of text as well as images.

The PDF can be saved in PDF/A and PDF/X formats. The document pallet helps to save time by helping in sharing various documents at a single point of time. The scanned or the general documents can be shared with other people through a network group. The define folders can be used as document inboxes which helps in keeping the documents organized. It also contains an automatic form of dispatching which helps in classifying the templates. There are other in-built options as well, like file stacking and auto cropping.

The application helps the user in effectively managing and organizing the documents. The user can also share the documents and use the PDF files effectively using this program.


  • Direct-to-PDF Scanning.


  • Requires re-entering of keywords and categories for each scanned page.

User reviews for Presto! PageManager

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    Arfan Hm Last year

    IrfanView is the best, it has great one letter shortcuts, it is powerful and it has thumbnail view (just press t).
    Super fast and with very decent editing options!
    I use it for over 10 years now, that is one of the first programs that i install on my every new computer.

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    LordJojo 3 years ago
    — Crashes on automatic scan system
    Pros: OCR, PDF conversion
    Cons: Bugs, crashs

    Agree with you. I have Windows 7 and this software has huge problem when you try to scan your document with the automatic system.
    It crashed on random page at random time. After scanning 17 pages, it crashes on the 18th. All the previous 17 pages are not saved. So you end up trying to do 5 pages by 5. Despite that, sometimes it crashes anyway... What's the point of buying a printer with an automatic scan system if you have to feed it the old way (manually)...
    Note for developer like me : The error is a division by zero... Yes, I know pretty basic but they just can't master it !!!

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    Hugo 6 years ago

    PageManager 8.0 doesn't work with Vista Home Edition. After sporadic operations and many crashes, Newsoft support's suggestions to remedy this problem did not work. Since the software is sold as being compatible with this O/S I requested a refund, but they were unresponsive after several attempts. Do not buy this software if you use Vista Home Edition.

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Questions about Presto! PageManager

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What's new in version 9.0

- Updates the language detection problem.
- Updates the unstable display function of Presto! Scan button on Application bar.
- Updates the rotate function when using in thumbnail view.
- Updates the compatible issue when importing PM4.2 DB.
- Updates the scanning quality when using TWAIN non-UI mode or show-UI mode. Sometimes the scanned image becomes blue for the special samples.
- When drag an image file to Excel icon on the App-bar, sometimes there are unknown words in the output Excel file.
- When drag some files to MSPAINT, sometimes the program will be closed.
- Fix the know issue of the Traditional-Chinese setting for HongKong area.
- Fix the Japanese string & HELP error.
- Fix the upgrade issue for previous versions.

Publisher's description

This official description applies to version 9.0

Improve the productivity in your organization with Presto! PageManager Professional.
Presto! PageManager Professional allows you see your entire file organization structure—from the overall picture to the smallest detail. You can create, write, and open PDF files without file conversion or other application. You can split multiple page PDF files into separate files or merge several PDF files into one. You can group your files, stack your files, or spread them out. You can define a folder as a document inbox for e-mail attachments so you can easily monitor all incoming documents.

You can view, send by e-mail, or print documents that may not be in the same folder. Just drag files to the Document Pallet. You can add Network Folders or Network Groups to Presto! Scan Buttons and send scanned documents or image files to these folders. Quickly browse through and view documents by file type. View files without opening other applications with PageManager document and image viewers.

Presto! PageManager Professional brings efficiency to your work and helps keep costs down. Presto! PageManager Professional makes it easier to create, share, scan, and modify documents. And now it is even easier to integrate into your organization.